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Moved to a new server Saturday, March 22nd 2003
Finally I managed to move this homepage to a new server, after the old one was offline for almost five weeks! If you experience any problems, please tell me. All this was made possible with the great help of Jason! He set up a server for me and allowed me to put my homepage on it! Thank you very much, Jason! Meanwhile, please visit his homepage (I think many of you already know it)!
Help needed Tuesday, January 21st 2003
As you might have noticed, the server that hosts this homepage is not very reliable. In the last weeks it was very often unreachable. So, if you know a better, more reliable provider that offers webspace including PHP-support and a MySQL-database, or if you even own one yourself and want to help me out, please tell me! Of course, the service should be free. Thanks for your help!
My games collection Saturday, January 4th 2003
Happy new year to all MSX fans!!! I just made a list of all cartridges that I own. Take a look at it! I am searching for more cartridges, boxes and manuals. So, if you have any that you don't want anymore, please tell me!
Play Penguin Adventure online Sunday, October 27th 2002
Now you can play Penguin Adventure online! Your mission is to fetch an apple from a tree that has the power to heal your penguin princess. But hurry up, time is against you!
More Metal Gear 2 saved states Sunday, October 27th 2002
Yesterday I finished Metal Gear 2 again. It was really fun, I must say! The interesting part for you may be that I saved from time to time. I uploaded these saved states, so you can download and use them if you are stuck somewhere.
Play MSX games online! Tuesday, October 22nd 2002
I just came along a Java MSX emulator and thought this might be interesting for you. If you have Java installed and activated, you can play MSX games directly in your browser! Check it out!
More saved states and counter resetted Monday, October 21st 2002
I put up some saved states of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Also, due to some optimizations to the counter, it had to be resetted.
Saved states Friday, October 18th 2002
I just filled the 'Files'-section with some saved states I made using the wonderful paraMSX emulator. If you want to see a stage of a game that you just cannot reach, this may be something for you.
Link exchange Sunday, October 13th 2002
By the way, if you have your own MSX homepage and want to see your link on this homepage, just send me a mail. If you have some spare time, you can tell me what has been going on in the MSX scene the last three years, because I wasn't following anything related to MSX.
The old site... Sunday, October 13th 2002
If any of you wants to see my old homepage (perhaps because of the many games you can download from there), it's still online. But soon, I will add the links to the games to the new homepage as well.
Counter added Wednesday, October 9th 2002
The counter is back, so everybody can see, how many MSX fans have been here. So far, there have been -1 visitors on this page since October 8th 2002.
Relaunch of Marco's MSX Page Tuesday, October 8th 2002
Finally I found the time to update my page. I hope you like the new design. It's not finished yet, but I'm working on it. Meanwhile, please sign my guestbook and leave your comments. If you want, you can also send me an e-mail.


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